What are the different widget categories

When creating your Custom Report, you have the ability to choose from numerous widgets, taking advantage of the great insights that they offer you. 

Widgets are pieces of practical information that you would like to be displayed in your report and are divided into different categories, helping you organize your data the way you see fit. 


As shown below, a Custom Report can include the following categories:different_widget_categories.png


  • Campaigns - Widgets in this category offer you valuable information regarding your campaign performance and relevant activity
  • Lead Generation - Here you can see a display of useful statistics about your landing pages
  • Mailing Lists - These widgets show you different metrics based on the data provided by your email marketing lists
  • Website Analytics - Through this category, you can view important data given via your website statistics. Please note that, in order to use these specific widgets, your website must be connected to your account. 
  • Senders - This category provides you with a display of your best-performing senders.

Please keep in mind that, after setting up your widgets, you can always rearrange or filter them inside your report, delete them or add new ones.