The factors you can test when you perform an A/B split test on your campaign

It is usual to feel the urge to second guess your choices while designing a new email marketing campaign. Would a different subject line get more attention? Would a different content create a bigger impact? The A/B Split Test Campaign is the way to solve this, by actually putting changes, whether large or small, to the test.

You'll have to choose one specific characteristic to test each time; if you tried two at the same time you wouldn't be able to know which one is actually responsible for the results you get. That's why each test you perform should focus on one characteristic. These are your options:

  • the Subject Line
  • the Content of your campaign
  • the "From" Name

Based on whichever characteristic you choose, two different versions of your campaign will be competing with each other, using your recipients as the deciding committee.factors_you_can_test_when_you_perform_an_AB_split_test_1.png

Whichever fares better will be dispatched to the rest of your recipients as the more successful version. That way you'll put your mind at ease and improve the efficiency of your campaigns, by getting to know what catches your recipients' attention.


A. Trying two different subject lines

Deciding the proper title for your campaign means you will be getting a better open rate. By setting a Subject A and a Subject B for your campaign, testing them on a percentage of your list, and then automatically sending the final campaign with the subject line that performs better to the rest of your recipients, you'll be sure to increase your numbers, not just this time, but every time.

First, click on the Subject line button and then choose between Subject line A and Subject line B.factors_you_can_test_when_you_perform_an_AB_split_test_new_2.png




B. Testing the campaign content

Τhe second option allows you to check two different designs, which could have different messages, different text, different images, etc. Click on the Content button and then select between Design A and Design B.factors_you_can_test_when_you_perform_an_AB_split_test_3.png

As usual, you'll have to set an easily identifiable Campaign Name for your own usage, a Subject line, and a "From" name for your campaign. The two design versions will be added on a later step: when you reach the point of having to define the Design A and Design B you'll be prompted to create two different designs, either from using our very handy templates or from importing them directly from your computer.

Depending on how well the two versions perform on a test group, the rest of your recipients will be receiving the best design, which is the one the test group interacted with the most.


C. Testing two different "From" names

It's not always an easy pick between using a person's name as the "From" name and making your campaign look more friendly, or opting for your company's name to make it sound more professional. So let your recipients decide which one they like best!

1. First, click on the "From" name button.factors_you_can_test_when_you_perform_an_AB_split_test_4.png


2. Then, choose between "From" name A and "From" name B on the corresponding drop-down menu.factors_you_can_test_when_you_perform_an_AB_split_test_5.png

Depending on how well the two versions perform on a test group, the rest of your recipients will be receiving the campaign which your test group opened the most.