Create a landing page

A landing page is a web page that someone lands on after clicking an online marketing call-to-action. The landing page has marketing campaign purposes. You can use the Landing Page Designer to design effective landing pages that are compatible with most popular web browsers. 

To create a new landing page:

  1. On your Moosend page, hover your mouse over the Growth Tools tab on the top navigation bar, and select Landing Pages from the drop-down menu.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_1.pngThe page displays any landing pages you have already created, with the corresponding status: Published, Incomplete, or Unpublished.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_new_2.png
  2. In the Growth Tools window, hover your mouse over New, and select Landing Page from the drop-down menu. If this is your first time creating a landing page, you can also click Create New.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_3.png
  3. Follow the steps in the Create a new landing page page as described below.

A. Define the landing page settings

  1. In the Set basic settings step, provide the following information:how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_4.png
    • Name - The name of your landing page, for internal use only. Use something memorable and convenient for future use!
    • Page Title - The landing page title that your visitors will view in their browser tabs.
    • Meta Description - Type in your desired meta description text for your landing page.
    • Favicon - click Upload to choose the image that will appear at the top of the web browser when your landing page is being viewed.
  2. When you are done filling out the fields, click Next to continue the creation process.
  3. If you want to save your progress at any point, and continue at another time, you can click Save & exit.  Your landing page will be saved under the name you selected and you can revisit it whenever you like.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_5.png

B. Create your design

To create a design:

  1. In the Design step, click the Start designing to access the Landing Page Designer.
  2. To find a template to use as your starting point, browse the available landing page templates in the Template Library.
  3. Click Use Template to apply it to your design. Then, use the options available to edit your selected template to your preferences.
  4. When you have finished designing your subscription form, in the top menu, click Proceed to Next Step.
  5. Click OK to continue.

C. Define your social media share settings

To define your social media share settings:

  1. In the Share on social media step, edit the details for Facebook sharing. You must define the following:how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_7.png
    • Headline - The headline appearing when you share your post on Facebook.
    • Description - The description of your Facebook post.
    • Image - Use the Upload button to select the image that will appear on your Facebook post. To remove an image, click on the Remove icon.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_8.png
  2. In the Share on social media step, click the Twitter option (located below the default Facebook option) to edit the details for Twitter sharing. You must define the following:how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_9.png
    • Title - The title of your Twitter post.
    • Description - The description of your Twitter post.
    • Image - Use the Upload button to select the image that will appear in your Twitter post. To remove an image, click on the Remove icon.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_10.png
  3. Click Next to continue.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_11.png

C. Define your conversion and tracking settings

To define the Track conversions settings of your landing page: 

  1. In the Track your conversions step, toggle the Track Conversions switch so that it is set to Yes state and set up tracking for your landing page, how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_12.png
  2. Select the type of options for tracking conversions:how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_13.png

    • When someone submits a form
      Select this option to track conversions when someone submits a Subscription Form in your Landing Page.
    • When someone clicks a button
      Select this option to track conversions when someone clicks on a Button on your Landing Page. This option will track conversions only in the case that you have not included a Subscription Form on your Landing Page.
  3. Toggle the Track with Google Analytics option so that it is on Yes state if you wish to track your conversions in Google analytics.  Then, enter your Google Analytics ID in the appropriate field.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_14.pngNote: You need to have Google Analytics configured on your site in order to use this feature.
  4. Toggle the Track with Facebook Pixel option to Yes and then enter your Facebook Pixel ID in the appropriate field to track your conversions in your Facebook Pixel Page.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_15.pngNote: You need to have Facebook Pixel Code configured on your site to use this feature.
  5. Toggle the Cookie Consent option to Yes if you would like a cookie consent pop-up to appear on your landing page.
    Note: This pop-up is intended only to inform about cookies. Visitors have the option to click OK.
  6. When you are done editing the settings, click Next.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_17.png

E. Publish your landing page 
To publish your landing page:

  1. In the Choose publishing method step, in the Domain field, use the drop-down menu to select one of the available domains for your landing page.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_new_18.png
  2. In the Path field (located right next to the Domain field), edit the rest of your URL path.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_new_19.png
  3. If you want to embed or publish your landing page to external platforms like WordPress, click Setup then click Next.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_new_20.png

F. View your landing page summary

You can check if anything is missing from your landing page.

  1. In the Summary step, edit a setting by clicking the Edit link.
  2. Check for any missing information. Any fields with missing information are indicated by Missing_fields_icon.png.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page__21-new.png
  3. You can either publish your landing page immediately by clicking Publish or saving your changes and publishing your landing page later by clicking Save & exit.how_do_I_create_a_landing_page_new_22.png