Track conversions in your landing page

The number of conversions informs you how many people either submit a form or click a button on your landing page. After you have created your landing page and set up the basics, you can enable tracking conversions on your landing page.

To enable conversion tracking for your landing page:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Growth Tools tab.
  2. Find the landing page that you want to track and click its name.
  3. Click the Track your conversions step.NEW3SEO.png
  4.  toggle the Track Conversions switch to Yes state and set up tracking for your landing page.NEW2LPTrackconversions.png
  5. Select the type of options for tracking conversions:
    • When someone submits a form - Select this option to track conversions when someone submits a Subscription Form in your Landing Page.
    • When someone clicks a button - Select this option to track conversions when someone clicks on a Button on your Landing Page. This option will track conversions only in the case that you have not included a Subscription Form on your Landing Page.
  6. Toggle the Track with Google Analytics option to the Yes state if you want to track your conversions in Google analytics.  Then, enter your Google Analytics ID in the appropriate field.
    Note: You need to have Google Analytics configured on your site in order to use this feature.
  7. Toggle the Track with Facebook Pixel option to Yes and then enter your Facebook Pixel ID in the appropriate field to track your conversions in your Facebook Pixel Page.
    Note: You need to have Facebook Pixel Code configured on your site to use this feature.
  8. When you are done editing the settings, click Save & exit.