What is the Form Designer

Subscription forms are a crucial element to include in any website or landing page. You don't need to be a designer or an HTML expert in order to create subscription forms that look polished. The Form Designer is a powerful, user-friendly tool that allows you to create efficient subscription forms in no time.

With its many beautiful existing templates and numerous tailoring options, our Form Designer is the only tool you'll ever need to create amazing subscription forms quickly and easily. 


You'll be able to design almost anything that comes to mind while keeping your subscription forms highly compatible with the most popular web browsers and with any other platforms you use for your business. The Form Designer will make your life easier when designing subscription forms, allowing you to build your email lists in the most efficient way possible.


You can find the Form Designer in the Design tab during the Subscription Form Creation process.what_is_the_form_designer_1.png


Then, when clicking on the Start designing button, you will get transferred to the Designer.what_is_the_form_designer_2.png


There you can discover its' exciting potential, selecting between amazing and handy templates.