What is your commission rate and structure ?

As a Moosend Affiliate, you’ll be earning from 30% up to 40% recurring commission for life for every customer you help discover Moosend.

More specifically, we offer a tiered commission structure that is based on the number of paid customers you refer to Moosend from October 3rd, 2022. The tiers are:

  • Bronze Group - 30% recurring commission for ambassadors with 0-5 paid accounts
  • Silver Group - 33% recurring commission for ambassadors with 6-10 paid accounts
  • Gold Group - 35% recurring commission for ambassadors with 11-25 paid accounts
  • Platinum Group - 37% recurring commission for ambassadors with 26-35 paid accounts
  • Diamond Group - 40% recurring commissions for ambassadors with 36+ paid accounts

Once you enter the “Silver” to “Diamond” tiers, the commission that you will receive according to your tier will be dynamic.

This means that once you refer six paid accounts to Moosend, you will receive a 33% recurring commission for all those accounts. The same applies if you refer 11 paid accounts, meaning you will receive 35% for all the previously referred accounts.

If you have any referred accounts before October 3rd, 2022 that have become paid customers, you will get rewarded based on the old commission structure, which was a 30% recurring commission for life, no matter the tier group you are or will be at that specific time.

The accounts referred before October 3rd, 2022 won’t be counted in the total number of paid accounts you need to be eligible for the tiered commission groups.