Display your Modal Pop-up form when a user leaves a page

Follow the steps below to display your form when a user exits a page:


1. Click on the Set visibility settings tab located on the left side menu.display_modal_pop-up_when_leaving_page_1.png


2. In the Set visibility settings step, toggle the Show form when someone leaves a page button so that is set to Active.display_modal_pop-up_when_leaving_page_2.png


3. When you select this option, the subscription form will be displayed when someone is about to leave the page. You will need to specify the number of Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks or Months that need to have passed since the visitor last viewed your form. Click on the appropriate field and choose your preferred time period on the corresponding drop-down menu.display_modal_pop-up_when_leaving_page_3.png

Then, click on Next if you need to continue with the Subscription Form Creation.