Why isn't the Verified field on your Senders page checked

Not all your email marketing lists will anticipate an email from the same email address, so sometimes it may be necessary to have more Sender accounts available. That's why our platform gives you the option to add as many Senders as you need, as long as you can verify them.

To check the status of each sender you have created, just follow the steps below:

1. Hover your mouse over the Account icon, located on the top right corner of your account, and then tap on the Settings option.Why_isn_t_the_Verified_field_on_my_Senders_page_checked_.1.png


2. Click on the Senders tab, on the menu that appears.Why_isn_t_the_Verified_field_on_my_Senders_page_checked_2.png


3. Check the Verified column, located on the right side of your Senders page.verified_field_on_senders_page_3.png

If the Verified checkbox next to a particular sender has not been ticked, that means that you haven't verified the particular sender when you created the address. It is possible that you have missed the confirmation email we sent to the sender's email address, so go ahead and take a look at your inbox or spam folder for a confirmation email from our platform.

4. Click on the confirmation link inside the email to confirm your email address.Why_isn_t_the_Verified_field_on_my_Senders_page_checked_4.png

If the confirmation email was not in your inbox, it might be a good idea to add our platform to your safe senders email list in order not to miss any other confirmation email.