How can you see all activities of a recipient

Our platform gives you the opportunity to go into exactly as much detail as you're interested in regarding your recipients. Via our powerful reporting features, you are able to see all the aspects of your campaign's performance, even on a per-person basis. 

You can easily check the activity of a recipient on a specific campaign, just as easily as you can check the activity of a specific recipient on all campaigns.

To learn more about your recipients follow the steps below:

A. Finding Recipient Activity

1. At the top of your Dashboard page, hover your mouse over the Reports tab to reveal the drop-down menu, and then click on the Campaign Reports option.How_can_I_see_all_activities_of_a_recipient_.1.png


2. Click on the name of the campaign whose recipients you wish to get familiar with.How_can_I_see_all_the_activities_of_a_recipient_2.png


3. Click on the Track recipient activity option on the vertical bar that appears.How_can_I_see_all_the_activities_of_a_recipient_3.png


B. Getting familiar with each recipient

1. Click on the Opened tab.all_activities_of_recipient__2.png

On this tab, you can see all subscribers that have opened this campaign one or more times.

2. Click on an email address to see the activity of this particular subscriber.all_activities_of_recipient_3.png


3. Click on the This campaign tab.all_activities_of_recipient_4.png

Here you can see this recipient's activity on this specific campaign.

4.. Click on the All campaigns tab.all_activities_of_recipient_5.png

Here you can see this recipient's complete activity on all the campaigns that they have received.

This tool will help you discover the habits of your subscribers by telling you what they did, what time they did it, and how - this way you can fully understand how engaged they are with your campaigns and your brand and get a wealth of important information.