What reports does our platform provide

Our platform offers detailed campaign reporting, which is one of the most critical tools in your arsenal. We consider it really important for you to have and use in order to improve your campaigns, increase your newsletter efficiency and make your overall email marketing reach the desired levels.

To achieve this we offer various advanced reporting capabilities that you can take advantage of.

Let's see where you can find them:

A. Finding the available reports


1. At the top of your Dashboard page, hover your mouse over the Reports tab to reveal the drop-down menu and then click on the Campaign Reports option.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_1.png


2. Click on the name of the campaign whose reports you want to access.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_2.png


3. Choose any of the advanced reporting options available on the vertical bar that appears.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_3.png


B. Understanding each report

Here you will find a number of different reporting options available to use: 

  • Performance overview
  • Track recipient activity
  • Track link clicks
  • Track email clients & devices
  • Track activity by location 

The functionality of some options might be easy to imagine just by looking at their name (e.g. Performance overview) but the usefulness of others might not stand out right away. Below we will see what each report option offers in greater detail.

  • Performance overview
    The Performance overview option informs you about the overall statistics of your campaign, including metrics such as Unique Opens, Link Clicks, Unsubscribed recipients and Bounces. There is also information concerning the Top performing aspects of your campaign, with regard to its Recipients, Custom Fields, Locations, Links and the clients or devices it is Mostly viewed on.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_4.png


The performance arrows within each of the boxes towards the top of your Overview page, provide you with information on the campaign's performance regarding its Recipients, Opens, Clicks and Unsubscribes. The calculation is based on any campaign sent within the last 60 days to at least 1000 recipients.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_5.png


Track recipient Activity
The Recipient Activity option allows you to see how each recipient in your mailing list interacted with and reacted to your email marketing campaign.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_new_6.png

  • The options you see on this page are: 

    • Sent
      Shows the recipients who received your campaign.

    • Opened
      Shows the recipients who opened your campaign.

    • Not Opened
      Shows the recipients who haven’t opened your campaign yet.

    • Clicked
      Shows the recipients who clicked your campaign.

    • Bounced
      Shows the number of the emails that were not delivered due to a bounce.

    • Unsubscribed
      Shows the recipients who unsubscribed from your campaign.

    • Complained
      Shows the recipients who marked your campaign as spam.

  • Track link clicks
    The Track link clicks option offers a Click-Map for your campaign. The click-map displays a preview of your newsletter, with bubbles indicating how many times each link has been clicked. Here you will also find complimentary Performance per Link information as well as which of the recipients clicked on which links.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_new_7.png


Track email clients & devices
The Track email Clients & devices option informs you on the different DevicesEmail ClientsBrowsers and Operating Systems your recipients use to view your campaigns.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_8.png


Track activity by location
The Track activity by location option allows you to view how your campaign performed on a global scale. Hover over the location of each country and/or city you are interested in on the map to see its statistics.what_reports_does_your_platform_provide_9.png

Next to the interactive map, there is a list that shows the total opens from all the countries and cities where the recipients who received and interacted with your campaign reside.