Export your data from a Custom Report

If you have already set up your Custom Report according to your preferences and linked it to the widgets that you would like to keep track of, perhaps now you can take advantage of the option to export its' data and have it sent to your team member's email to have at your disposal at all times.


Just follow the steps described below:

1. Once inside your Custom Reports page, tap on the name of the custom report, whose data you would like to export.export_data_custom_report_1.png


2. Choose the widget(s), the metrics of which you want to export, and click on the three-dots icon on the right. Then, tap on the Export Data option.export_data_custom_report_4.png


A pop-up message appears at the top of your page, notifying you that your export is in progress and that, when finished, it will be sent to your team member's email.