Add a client to your account

Moosend lets you use different clients or subaccounts within one master account and customize how your clients interact with our platform. You can add clients to your master account, access all their accounts in a single platform, or grant your clients their own access to their subaccounts via a username.

A. Add a client to your account
To add a client to your account:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Account_icon.png and click Settings.NEWIntegration.png
  2. Click the Clients tab.
  3. Click Add new.
  4. Fill out the Name, Email, and Company fields for the new client. The email address is visible to recipients as the sender of campaigns.

  5. If you want to give your client their own access to their subaccount, toggle the Give account access to client? switch to Yes.
  6. Enter a Username and Password.NEWclientaccess.png

  7. Select the following check boxes according to your requirements:

    • To prevent the client having access to the Support chat functionality, select the Hide Moosend Support chat check box.
    • To prevent the client having access to the Automations menu, select the Hide Automations check box. 
    • To prevent the client having access to the Integrations menu, select the Hide Integrations check box.
  8. Click Save client.

B. Switch to a client account

As the owner of the master account, you can access your client accounts on your Moosend account by switching to their subaccounts.

To switch to a client account:

  1. In the top navigation bar, on the top left corner, click the arrow next to the name of your master account.
  2. Click the name of the client whose subaccount you want to access. You are transferred to the client's subaccount and on the top left corner, it indicates that you are Browsing as the selected client.
    The first time you access a client account, you are prompted to go through the initial procedures to create a sender signature with the name and email visible to your client's recipients, create an email list that contains your client's recipients, import subscribers to your client's mailing list, create a campaign for your client, and see reports and statistics for the client's campaigns.