Create a sub-account

Our platform is suited for all types of email marketing structures. Whether you're a small business owner, a software house, or one of the world's leading marketing agencies, you can optimize the platform to your exact needs.

A good example of this is taking advantage of our sub-account feature to customize how your clients interact with our platform. Marketing agencies can add numerous clients and handle disparate email campaigns under one master account, since switching between the different sub-accounts is easy.

Let's see how you can quickly set up a sub-account for one of your clients:

Α. Adding a new client

1. Hover your mouse over the Account icon at the top right corner of your Moosend page, to expand the menu and then click on the Settings option on the drop-down menu appearing.create_sub-account_1.png


2. Tap on the Clients tab on the menu on the left.create_sub-account_2.png


3. Tap on the Add new button.create_subaccount_new_3.png


4. Fill in the name of the client you represent, their company name, and the email address which will be visible as sender for their campaigns.create_sub-account_new_4.png


5. Toggle the Give account access to client? switch to Yes to give your client access to their sub-account.create_sub-account_5_new.png

Toggling the switch instantly opens two additional fields and three check-boxes.


6. Fill in a Username and a Password which you will be providing to your customer to grant them access.create_sub-account_6_new.png


7. Tick the Hide Support chat if you want to prevent your client from having access to the platform's chat support.create_sub-account_new_7.png


8. Tick the Hide Automations if you want to prevent your client from having access to the Automations menu.create_sub-account_8_new.png


9. Tick the Hide Integrations if you want to prevent your client from having access to the Integrations menu.create_sub-account_9_new.png


10. Click on the Save client button to complete the process.create_sub-account_10_new.png


B. Switching between clients

1. Click on the arrow, located on the top right corner of your Dashboard page, and select the ALL button in order for all your sub-accounts to appear.create_sub-account_13_new.png


2. Click on the name of the client whose sub-account you want to access.create_sub-account_14_new.png


You will be transferred to the Dashboard of the client's sub-account.

Notice how the interface is exactly as if you were inside your own master account. Only a banner, located at the top of the screen, will serve as a reminder of which company's sub-account you're currently working in.

The first time you're accessing a new sub-account you will be prompted to go through the typical processes on your own time:

Keep in mind that if you have granted your clients access to their sub-account, they too will be able to see the results of their campaigns.