Connect to the Web API

The Web API centers around a key, the API key, which is unique for your account in our platform. To this end, authentication is required in order to connect and make calls to your account from external sources. Through the use of the API key, you can integrate our platform with your favorite apps or even your own applications, by calling methods that manipulate your email lists, their members, and your campaigns.

For detailed information on how to use our API, you should visit our API documentation page.

It is important that you keep your unique API key safe in order to avoid any unauthorized external access to your account. You will have to use the key in every API call you make so it must always be specified as a parameter in the query string of the requesting URL, like so:

You can obtain your API key by following the steps below:

1. Click on the Account button, located on the top right corner of your Dashboard page and then, tap on the Settings option on the drop-down menu that appears.How_do_I_connect_to_the_Web_API_.1.png


2. Click on the API Key tab.connect_to_web_API_2.png


3. Click on the Copy API Key button to copy the key.connect_to_web_API_3.png


4. Click on the Generate New API Key button, if you wish to generate a new API key for your account.connect_to_web_API_4.png