Customize your platform domain's branding

Moosend allows you to customize and configure the branding options of your platform domain. You can select colors, add favicons, logos, and a title to your platform domain.

To customize your platform domain's branding:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Account_icon.png and click Settings.NEWIntegration.png
  2. In the menu on the left, click Branding.NEWSettings.png
  3. On the Platform custom domain section, click Brand domain to the right of the platform domain's name.NEWbrandingcustom.png
  4. To select your platform colors, click the icon of your preferred color. The icon is checked after you've selected it.NEWBrandingpage.png
  5. In Favicon, click Upload if you want to upload an image you want to use as icon that appears on the browser tab. If you do not upload a favicon, the Platform Logo is displayed on the browser tab. 
  6. In Platform Logo, click Upload if you want to upload an image to be displayed as your account logo on the platform. If you do not upload a platform logo, our company's logo is displayed instead.
  7. In Login Logo, click Upload if you want to upload an image that appears on the login screen of your Moosend account. If no image is uploaded, the Platform Logo is used instead.
  8. In the Login title field, enter your preferred title displayed on your user's browser tabs when they are on the login page. If this field is left empty, the default page title is "Log in | Moosend".
  9. Click Save to apply the changes.