The team member roles and their permissions in Moosend

Team member roles give Moosend users different access rights to different areas of the product. Moosend comes with predefined roles that you can use to manage user authorization on items and functionality. To configure the access that a user has to the features in Moosend, you can assign the necessary access rights using the team roles described in this topic.

Role Description
Owner Creates the account, has full access, and adds and deletes members to roles.
Admin Has full access.
Admin Observer Can view everything but cannot save changes.
Manager Has full permissions for assigned account only.
Viewer Has access to assigned account only. Cannot save and has no access to account or billing information.
Gdpr viewer

Has access to assigned account only. Cannot save and has no access to account, billing, or subscriber personal data.

Designer Has access to assigned account only. Can save inside campaigns and landing pages designer.

For a detailed overview of the roles and their specific rights, add a team member and view the permissions in the View Permissions Details section as shown below:team_mebers_and_their_permissions_5.png

Alternatively, you can get a full description of all team member roles and permissions in the following:team_mebers_and_their_permissions_6.png