The Mailchimp Synchronizer and how you can use it

If you have been postponing bringing your work from your old email marketing platform over to Moosend, you should know that we made the transition truly easy. Our Mailchimp Synchronizer saves you the effort of having to move all your hard work and makes sure you can pick up exactly where you left off.

All you have to do is use your Mailchimp API key and our platform takes care of the rest. We will synchronize your account to your Mailchimp account, bring over the campaigns you have previously sent out, grab your draft campaigns, import your campaign senders and pick up your email lists.

Just follow the steps below:

A. Find the Synchronizer 
1. Click on the Integrations option, located on the Account button on the right top corner of your page.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_1.png


2. Once inside the Integrations page, tap on the Select button right next to the Mailchimp Synchronizer option.mailchimp_synchronizer_2.png


B. Enter your API Key
3. Enter your Mailchimp API Key on the box and click on the Connect Account button.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_3.png

C. Select your Campaigns
4. Select the campaigns you would like to synchronize by clicking on the check-box right next to their name.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_4.png


5. Choose whether you also want to import the senders you have been using on your campaigns.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_5.png

If you have used the Mailchimp Synchronizer to bring campaigns from your Mailchimp account before, you will also have the option to toggle between replacing the HTML content of the previously imported campaigns or replacing them completely with Mailchimp copies.

6. Click on the
Next button when you are ready.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_6.png


D. Select your Email Lists
7. Select the email lists you would like to synchronize by clicking on the check-boxes right next to each list's name.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_7.png


8. Select the type of members you want to synchronize by clicking on the check-boxes right next to each member type.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_8.png


9. If you have double opt-in consent for these members, click on the corresponding check-box.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_9.png


10. Click on the Next button when you are ready.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_new_10.png


E. Get notified
11. Choose if and how you want to be notified once the synchronization process has been completed. Click on the Synchronize button when you are ready to start the process.use_of_mailchimp_synchronizer_11.png