Add a new custom domain for landing pages

Moosend offers you the flexibility to use a custom domain (CNAME) for your landing pages to align it with your characteristics and branding. You can use your own custom domain when you publish your landing pages. You can do this after your custom domain is verified. When your custom domain is verified, you can continue personalizing your custom domain.

To add a new custom domain for landing pages:

  1. On the menu bar, click Account_icon.png and click Settings.
  2. On the menu on the left, click Branding.NEWSettings.png
  3. In the Landing page custom domain section, you can view your default landing page domain. Click Create new domain to add a custom domain.NEWplatformcustom.png
  4. In the Website domain field, enter your custom domain and click Create & Verify.Snag_1e9368c5.png
    The custom domain you add in this step is a subdomain you create in your own domain. If your domain address is and your default Moosend landing page domain is, then you need to create a subdomain with your preferred custom domain name, for example, Then, add a CNAME record to the DNS of your domain, and in the CNAME record, you must point to your default Moosend landing page domain

  5. To verify your custom domain now, click Verify DNS Record. To verify your custom domain at a later time, click Verify Later. NEWverifyDNS.png

    Tip: It takes 30 minutes or more to apply any changes you have made.

    Note: After you have successfully added and verified a landing page CNAME, the new custom domain does not auto-reflect on your existing landing pages or forms and you will have to manually change them if you want to use the new domain.
    For detailed instructions on how to register CNAMEs with some of the most popular providers, refer to setting up a CNAME for different providers.

    Important:  To secure your added CNAME, you can export your personal information exchange (PFX) file in Windows format and send it to We will then add the certificate to your CNAME on your behalf, ensuring that it uses a secure HTTPS connection. To ensure the ongoing security of your CNAME, you will need to send us a new PFX file in Windows format if your current one expires.