Why is your website not verified?

Our platform's website connection script lets you record the actions your users perform on your website and connect those with campaigns for the ultimate personalization experience. It also allows you to connect our company's forms to your website pages and fine-tune when they will appear and to which users. 

When you have successfully added your website to our platform and installed website tracking, your website becomes verified when the first event is received (for example, a user views a product, adds a product to cart, or purchases a product).

You can check your website's verification status to verify whether there's a verified connection between your domain and our platform's tracking capabilities (status: Verified), or if no such verification has taken place yet. (status: Unverified)

If your website remains with an Unverified status even after sending an event such as Add to Cart event or a Page View event, you can do the following: 

    • If you used custom installation using JS or PHP tracking library, recheck the tracking code you've added to your website.
    • If you used a plugin of our platform, check that you used the correct website ID. 
Note: If at any point you decide against having your site on your list of tracked websites you can always delete it