Copy a custom field to another email list

When you have created custom fields in a mailing list, it might be useful to copy these fields and reuse it in a different mailing list.

To copy a custom field to another email list:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab, and then click Email lists.How_do_I_create_custom_fields.1.png

  2. Click the name of the email list from which you want to copy a custom field.copy_custom_field_to_different_list_2.png
  3. In the menu, click Create custom fields.copy_custom_field_to_different_list_3.png

  4. Select the custom field you want to copy.copy_custom_field_to_different_list_4.png
  5. In the Select action drop-down list, click Copy to another list.copy_custom_field_to_different_list_5.png
  6. In the Copy custom fields dialog, select the target email list where you want to copy the custom field  and click Continue. A pop-up message appears when your selected custom field(s) is successfully copied into the selected list.

    Note: If the custom field already exists in the target list, it is updated with the custom field of the source list.