Create custom fields

If signing up for your email list requires more custom fields than just an email address and a name, then our platform's custom fields are the perfect way for you to enrich your current email list with extra information regarding your subscribers.

To create a new custom field all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

1. At the top of your Dashboard page, hover your mouse over the Audience tab to reveal the drop-down menu, and then click on the Email lists option.How_do_I_create_custom_fields.1.png


2. Click on the name of the email list you want to add new custom fields.create_custom_fields_2.png


3. Click on the Create custom fields button, on the vertical menu that appears.create_custom_fields_3-new.png


4. Click on the Add new custom field button on the right top corner of the page.create_custom_fields_4.png

Notice that below the button there is a table with all the custom fields already available for this list. The Email field, the Name field, and the Mobile field are there by default. You can also see the personalization tag of each field (e.g. #recipient:email# for the Email field), whether the field is obligatory or not when signing up for your newsletter, as well as the data type of the field (e.g. whether the field contains text, a drop-down menu, etc.). 

You can also see the Hidden checkbox which specifies whether this field will appear or stay hidden when recipients update their profile on the Update Profile page.



5. Fill in the Field Name of your new custom field.create_custom_fields_5.png


6. Then, select the Data type of your new custom field from the drop-down menu.

You can choose any of the options available: Text, Date Time, Number, Single Select Dropdown, and Checkbox.create_custom_fields_6.png


7. Set a Default Fallback Value.

Regarding this step, please notice that in case you have added a fallback value in your subject line or within your email campaign, that one will be used instead of the default one that you may have added in your custom field.create_custom_fields_7-new.png


8. Toggle the Custom field is required switch to On to specify whether you want this field to be obligatory when filling your subscription form.create_custom_fields_8.png


9. Toggle the Custom field is hidden switch to On to specify whether you want this field to appear or stay hidden when recipients update their profile through the Update Profile link.create_custom_fields_9.png


10. Click on the Save custom field button to create the custom field.create_custom_fields_10.png


11. If you ever need to, you can delete or copy to another list any of the custom fields you created by clicking on the three dots menu on its right.create_custom_fields_11.png

Remember that the custom fields on a list can be used both as personalization tags inside your email campaigns and as criteria by which you can segment your email list. This means you can easily combine the reaction your subscribers have to your newsletters (e.g. opens, link clicks, etc.), with data like their age, location, or any other information you collect from the custom fields you use.