Custom fields data types

You can use custom fields in your mailing lists as personalization tags inside your email campaigns and as criteria by which you can segment your email lists. When creating a new custom field, you must specify its data type according to the type of information you need from your subscribers. 

You can select the following data types for your custom fields:

  • Text - a text value such as your subscriber's first name, surname, location, etc. 
  • Number - a numeric value such as the number of times a subscriber has clicked on a link or the number of times your customers have purchased a product from your site.
  • Date Time - date and time value such as date of subscription, anniversary, a subscriber's birthday, and so on.
  • Single Select Dropdown - a drop-down list that provides a list of choices that a user can select from, for example, a list of countries or where a user is currently located.
  • Checkbox - a check box that a user can select based on their preference, for example, asking a user if they want to be added to another mailing list.