Delete members from your email list

Our platform provides you with the ability to work the way you like! If you want to reduce the size of your email list, by permanently deleting some of its members, you can choose the removal process which is more practical for you.


1. On the Perform bulk actions menu, select the Delete List Members option.delete_list_members_1.png


2. Once inside the corresponding pop-up window that appears, you can choose the deletion method of your preference by tapping on the corresponding Select button below it. Click on the gray dot or swipe to navigate between the different pages.delete_list_members_2.png




You can use any of the methods below depending on what you currently need:

  • Delete members using a CSV file
  • Delete members using an Excel file
  • Delete members by Copying and Pasting
  • Delete list members contained within your Google contacts
  • Delete list members contained within your Salesforce contacts

Read more about each deletion method by clicking on the corresponding link.