Export the members of your Suppression list

You can benefit from your Suppression List to permanently erase members of your email list. You can manually move members to this list if, for any reason, you want these subscribers to never be added to it again and to never get any of your future newsletters.

Furthermore, you may find it helpful to export the members inside your Suppression List and use the exported data according to your needs.


In order to do so, just follow the steps described below:

1. Click on the Account icon on the right top corner of your Dashboard page and then choose the Suppression List option on the menu appearing.export_members_of_suppression_list_1.png

Once inside your Suppression List, you can view all the members that you have manually added to it.


2. On the three-dots menu on the right top corner of your Suppression List page, choose the Export to CSV or Export to Excel option, depending on the file of your preference.export_members_from_suppression_list_2.png

After doing so, a message will appear notifying you that your export is in progress and that, when finished, it will be sent to the owner of the account.