Export a specific segment to Excel or CSV

Your email list serves as both the source of the recipients of your email marketing campaigns and as a repository of information. This is why you might need to have an indicative segment of your list of subscribers exported as a CSV or an Excel file to use outside our platform. 

Note: Make sure that you know all about the criteria you can use for your segments and how you can combine them to create as focused a segment as you want.

To export a specific segment to Excel or CSV:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab and click Segments.
  2. Find the segment that you want to export to CSV or Excel and click three_dots_icon.png.
  3. Click Copy members to another list. This copies the members calculated by the segment to your listNEW5segments.png
  4. Click Export to CSV or Export to Excel. A message appears notifying you that your export is in progress and that it will be sent to your account email when it is completed.