Create a segment to find recipients who have not opened a specific campaign

Using email list segmentation,  you can define a specific audience subset inside your email marketing lists. For example, if you want to find which subscribers of a particular email list have not opened a specific email campaign, you can create a segment of that list that only contains those recipients.

To create a segment to find recipients who have not opened a specific campaign:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab and click Segments.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_.1.png
  2. Click New and then click Segment.find_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_2.png
  3. On the Choose email list dialog, select the email list where you want to create a segment and then click Start.find_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_3.png
  4. Click Create custom segment.find_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_4.png
  5. In the Segment name field, enter the name of your new segment. Make sure to use something that makes it easy to identify your segment and corresponding target audience.find_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_5.png
  6. n the Fetch field, in the first drop-down list, select All. In the second drop-down list, select All.find_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_6.png
  7. To set criteria for your segment, go to the Rules fields consisting of three drop-down lists.
  8. In the first drop-down list, select Specific Campaign Openedfind_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_8.png
  9. In the second drop-down list, select is not.
  10.  In the third drop-down list, select the specific campaign you want to check.find_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_10.png
  11. Click Save segment. Your segment now calculates all your email list members that haven't opened the specific email campaign you chose. find_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_specific_campaign_11.png