Copy the members of a segment in a different email list

Your email list serves as both the source of the recipients of your email marketing campaigns and as a repository of information. This is why you might find it convenient to add the members of one of your email lists to another one, saving yourself time and effort.


To achieve that, just follow the steps below:

1. On your Moosend page, hover your mouse over the Audience tab on the top navigation bar and select





2. A list of all your existing segments appears. Click on the three-dots menu on the right of the segment whose calculated members you wish to copy to another email list. Please keep in mind that you have two options as to how you will copy a segment to a different email list. You can choose between copying the entire segment, including all of its' criteria, and copying the members that will be calculated by the segment itself.copy_members_of_segment_to_a_different_email_list_2.png


Alternatively, you can perform the same action inside your Segment, by clicking on the three-dots menu on the right.copy_members_of_segment_to_a_different_email_list_3.png


3. On the three dots menu on the right, click on the Copy members to another list option.copy_members_of_segment_to_a_different_email_list_new_4.png


4. On the message appearing, choose from the drop-down menu the email list to which you want to copy your members and then check the corresponding checkboxes in order to merge custom fields and agree to add the members as verified.copy_members_of_segment_to_a_different_email_list_5.png


5. Then, tap on the Continue button.copy_members_of_segment_to_a_different_email_list_6.png


Now, when you open the email list to which you have added the members calculated by your segment, these members will be displayed inside the View all members tab.copy_members_of_segment_to_a_different_email_list_7.png