Copy the members of a segment to another email list

Your email list serves as both the source of the recipients of your email marketing campaigns and as a repository of information. This is why you might find it convenient to add the members of one of your email lists to another one, saving yourself time and effort.

To copy the members of a segment to another email list:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab and click Segments.
  2. Find the segment that you want to copy to your email list and click three_dots_icon.png.
  3. Click Copy members to another list. This copies the members calculated by the segment to your listNEW5segments.png
  4. In the Choose email list dialog, select the email list to which you want to copy the members of the segment.
  5. If you want to import the custom fields from the segment you are copying members from, to the email list you are copying to, select Merge custom fields.
  6. If you have the consent from all subscribers in the list through the double opt-in process, select Yes, add them as verified, I do have consent.
  7. Click Continue. A message appears to confirm that the members were copied.
  8. To view the copied members in your email list, in the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab and click Email lists.
  9. Click the name of the email list where you copied the members.
  10. In the left menu, click View all members. The copied members are added to your list.