Save a segment that you created as a template

Our platform's list segmentation is a very powerful feature that allows you to send targeted email marketing campaigns by emphasizing a specific audience contained inside your email marketing lists.

You create segments of your lists by defining your audience based on information that you have already gathered in the form of custom fields and user activity collected from your previous campaigns (e.g. whether members of your list have opened a campaign, or how many and which clicks they have made). 

You also have the option to save a segment that you created as a template by following the steps below:


1. At the top of your Dashboard page, hover your mouse over the Audience tab located at the top of your Dashboard page to reveal the drop-down menu and then click on the Segments option.How_can_I_save_a_segment_that_I_created_as_a_template_.1.png


2. Once inside your Segment page, click on the New button at the right top corner and then on the Segment option.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_2.png


3. On the pop-up window that appears, choose the email list in which you want to create a segment by the drop-down menu and then click on the Start button.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_3.png


4. Click on the Create custom segment button located on the right top corner.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_4.png


5. Name your segment. Make sure to use something that will help you identify it easily!save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_5.png


Now choose whether your segment has to match All or Any of the criteria you set, as well as how many of your members should be contained in the segment you are creating: All the matching members, Max number or Max % percentage of members.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_6.png


6. Go ahead with the segmentation process by setting the criteria you wish on the Select a criteria drop-down menu.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_7.png


If you need to, you can take a look at the Selected members number to see how many members inside your list match your criteria. Clicking on the Preview members button allows you to preview the matching members.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_8.png


7. When you are done, click on the three-dots menu on the right and choose the Save as template option.save_segment_created_as_template_9.png


8. A message will appear asking you to fill in the Template Name and the Template Description. After you have done so, tap on the Save template button.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_10.png


Then, each time you tap on the New button inside your Segments tab, you can view or edit all the segments that you created as templates.save_segment_that_I_created_as_template_11.png