What does each Campaign Status mean

If you need to get an overview of your email marketing campaigns, all you have to do is check your Campaigns page, by hovering your mouse on the Campaigns tab located at the top of your Dashboard page and then by clicking on the Regular option. 


Once inside your Campaigns page, you will find a list of your existing campaigns.what_does_each_campaign_status_mean_1.png


The table inside your Campaigns page contains information on each campaign you have created or sent out. The seventh column of this table indicates the status of each campaign. There are a few different statuses that you might come across:

The above terms are mostly self-explanatory - for example the Sent status obviously designates a campaign that has been dispatched. But just in case they are not as self-explanatory as we believe, clicking on the above links will give you as much information as you might need for each status.