What does “Sending” mean in your campaign status

You can always check the current Status for each campaign you have created by navigating to your Campaigns page - it's just a click away.


1. Hover your mouse on the Campaigns tab located at the top of your Dashboard page and then click on the Regular option.What_does__Sending__mean_in_my_campaign_status_.1.png


2. You will find Status in the seventh column of the Campaign Table.what_does_sending_mean_as_campaign_status_2.png

When a particular campaign's status is indicated as "Sending", this means that the campaign is in the process of being sent out and that your email campaign is currently on its way to the inboxes of your recipients; in a few minutes time, your email should be delivered. You can start checking your campaign reporting right away.

If you notice that the "Sending" campaign status remains, do not hesitate to contact our support team and they will help you out.