The personalization tag and how you can use it

Our platform equips you with Personalization Tags as the perfect way to add dynamic content to your email marketing campaigns. What "dynamic" means is that the content inside your newsletter will change depending on who is receiving the campaign, based on the latest information you have gathered on the recipient in the form of Custom Fields, such as their name, their age, their location or any other data that you have deemed useful enough to collect and use inside your campaigns.

Let's see how this works:

A. Understanding personalization tags

When you insert a personalization tag (such as the Recipient Name tag #recipient:name#) inside the content of your newsletter, it will look something like this:

Hello #recipient:name#, I hope you are well!

However the recipients of your email campaign will receive a newsletter wherein the tag will have been replaced by the relevant dynamic content. For example, a recipient whose name you have gathered is John will open your newsletter and read the following:

Hello John, I hope you are well!

This opens the door to an amazing array of creative options that can enhance each campaign you send out to look and feel as if you've personally designed it for each and every one of your recipients.

Here's a list of all the personalization tags our platform offers by default to help get you started:

B. Adding personalization tags

The quickest and most practical way to insert personalization tags in your newsletters is through our platform's Campaign Editor.

1. Drag-n'-drop Text Element in the Container of your choice.pesronalization_tag_and_use_1.png

We chose Text as a straightforward example. You can choose the Element type that best fits your campaign design as long as you can add text inside it.

2. Click on the Text Element you just added.pesronalization_tag_and_use_2.png


3. Click on the Personalization tags drop-down list, located on the Text Parameters pop-up.pesronalization_tag_and_use_3.png


4. Choose the Personalization Tag that you want to add to your newsletter design.pesronalization_tag_and_use_4.png

If you utilize Personalization Tags (e.g. Recipient First Name, Email, etc), please note that those won't work on test campaigns, since tests like the one you've just sent don't go through to actual subscriber lists and the necessary information isn't available. Don't worry, all personalization tags will be there when you actually dispatch your campaign to your eager subscribers.