The Template Library inside the Editor and how to use it

If you ever wished you had a newsletter design at the ready with a few clicks, then our Template Library provides you with the ideal solution. You can get a head-start by scrolling the Template Library looking for inspiration or by simply using the design that fits your needs.

Just find the Template you want and adjust it to your liking. You can even check how everything looks on smartphones and tablets before you make your decision.

In case you have already designed the perfect newsletter using our Editor, then all you have to do is save it as a template to use as the basis for your next campaign, saving you this way the time you could be spending engaging with your subscribers.

Let's see how you can do each of these things:

A. Strolling through the Template Library

1. Once inside the editor click on the Template Library button, located on the top menu of your Editor page.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_1.png


2. Once you find a design that suits you click on the Preview Template.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_2.png


3. Click on the appropriate device-like button on the top of the Preview pop-up window to see how the design looks on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_3.png


4. Click on the Use Template button to start editing this template using the Editor.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_4.png


5. Click on the Close Preview button to return to the Template Library page.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_5.png


6. Click on the BACK TO EDIT MODE on the top of the Template Library page to return to the Editor and stick to your own design.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_6.png

B. Finding the perfect template

1. Click on the heart-like button, located inside a template's frame to add it to your favourites.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_7.png

2. Click on the My Favourite Templates button, located on the left side of the Template Library page to limit your search to your favourite templates only.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_8.png


3. Click on the My Saved Templates button to wade only through the templates you have created.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_9.png


4. Click on the Only Public Templates button to only see pre-made templates available in the Library.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_10.png


5. Click on the Category title that best fits the type of newsletter you want to create.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_11.png

Travel agents could, for example, skip straight to the Travel category to look for relevant templates.

6. Type in the Search for a Template field to narrow down the template selection.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_12.png


C. Using a template

1. Click on the Use Template button.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_13.png


2. Click the OK button on the pop-up window that appears.template_library_inside_editor_and_use_14.png

You are now back at the Editor page which is loaded with your template and all you need to do is readjust it to your liking.