Test a newsletter design in the Campaign Editor

In the Campaign Editor, you can see how your final design looks in an actual email client by sending a test campaign. You can always use the Preview mode to see newsletter's content and design before you send it. However, it might be useful to send a test email campaign to a few email addresses of your choice and check the newsletter from an email recipient's view.

Note: Personalization Tags (e.g. Recipient First Name, Email, etc.) you've added to your newsletter won't work on test campaigns because you don't use actual subscriber lists during testing.

To send a test campaign: 

  1. On the top menu, click Send Test. The Send test dialog appears.
  2. In the Emails field, enter the email address that you want to send the test campaign and press Enter on the keyboard. The added email address should look like this.send_test3.png
  3. To add another email address, click Add an email and enter the email address. You can enter a maximum of 6 email addresses separated by commas.
  4. To remove an email address in the Emails field, click send_test_close.png located next to the email address.
  5. To add a recently used email address, click the email address displayed under Recently used.
  6. To remove previously used email addresses under Recently used, click Clear
  7. To send the test campaign, click Send and in the dialog that appears, click Yes to proceed. 
  8. To return to editing your newsletter design, on the top menu, click Edit. The editor switches back to Edit mode.