Test your newsletter design inside the Editor

If you are eager to test how your newsletter design looks every few steps, or at least right before you unleash it upon the world, we have made it easy for you to check the results of your handiwork. We also have provided two ways to go about it, based on the status of your design: if you're still working on your design through the Editor page, you can get a rough preview of your work using the available Preview Mode. If you're one click away from having it dispatched to your subscribers, you might prefer to send a test email campaign to a couple of email addresses of your choice and check how it really feels to open your campaign through an actual email client.

Let's see how this is done:

1. Click on the Send Test button, located on the top of the Editor page.test_newsletter_design_inside_editor_1.png


2. Type the email address to which you want to send the test campaign, on the appropriate field on the left side of your Editor page.test_newsletter_design_inside_editor_2.png


3. Click on the + sign on the same field, to add the email address as a recipient of your test campaign.test_newsletter_design_inside_editor_3.png

You can repeat steps #2 and #3 to add up to six email addresses as additional recipients of your test campaign.

4. Click the X button located next to an address that you've added, to have it removed from the address list for this test.test_newsletter_design_inside_editor_4.png


5. Click on the Send Test button, located underneath the email addresses, to send the test campaign.test_newsletter_design_inside_editor_5.png

A pop-up window will ask you to confirm that you want to proceed with the test campaign, and if you finally choose to move ahead, a success alert will inform you that the test has been shipped.

6. Click on the BACK TO EDIT MODE button, located on the top left of the Editor page to return to editing your campaign design.test_newsletter_design_inside_editor_6.png

Make sure you check your inbox for the test campaign - in case you have added your inbox, it should already be there.

Please note that if you utilize Personalization Tags (e.g. Recipient First Name, Email, etc,) those won't work on test campaigns, since tests like the one you've just sent don't go through to actual subscriber lists and the necessary information isn't available. Don't worry though, all personalization tags will be there when you actually dispatch your campaign to your eager subscribers.