Add links in a newsletter

The Campaign Editor lets you add links in your newsletters. When recipients click these, they generate valuable information and statistics about how they interact with your campaigns. You can add a URL link, a link to anchor in the text, or an email link. In order to add these links to your newsletters, you must first add a text item that you can convert into a link.

Add text to display as a link

To add a text to display as a link:

  1. In the editor’s left pane, click the Items tab.
  2. Drag and drop the Text item to an empty layout in the editing area. 
  3. Click the text item to display the Text settings in the editor’s right pane. 
  4. In the Content tab, in the text field, enter the text by typing it directly or pasting the text.
  5. Select the part of the text that you want to use as a link. The selected text is highlighted in blue.
  6. Click Add_link_icon.png or press Ctrl+L on your keyboard.
  7. In the Insert/Edit Link dialog, fill out the details for the type of link you want to add. You can add the following types of links:
    • URL: links to a URL.
    • E-mail: enables the subscriber to send a preset email.
    • Anchor link: links to an anchor in the text. For example, anchor links allow you to quickly send subscribers to a Table of contents or add a simple back-to-top link.

Add a URL link

  1. To add a URL link, in the Insert/Edit Link dialog, fill in the following fields:

  2. Click Save.

Add an email link

  1. To add an email link, in the Insert/Edit Link dialog, fill in the following fields:

    • URL: enter the email address that is used as a contact when a subscriber clicks the email link. Enter the address in the format
    • Text to display: enter the text that you want to display in the hyperlink.
    • Title: enter the optional title that gives additional, advisory information about the linked email.
    • Open link in: select whether the website opens in the current browser window or a new window.
    • Personalization Tags: click the drop-down menu to add a personalization tag to your URL. You can select the following tags:

  2. Click Save.

Add an anchor link

You can also set up anchors in your newsletter, which allows you to add some internal navigation to your newsletter design. It's a practical application, especially if you tend to design long newsletters. Additionally, you can also use other items, imagesand article items instead of texts to act as links.