Track your landing page in Facebook Pixel

Our platform's Landing Page Designer is a powerful tool that enables you to create beautiful and effective landing pages. 

Once you have created your landing page and set up the basics, you can move on to more advanced settings. For example, you have the option of tracking activity on your landing page in several different ways, one of which is using Facebook Pixel.

Let's see how to do that!

1. First, hover your mouse over the Growth Tools tab located at the top of your Dashboard page to reveal the drop-down menu and then click on the Landing Pages option.track_landing_page_Facebook_Pixel_1.png


2. Select the landing page you wish to work on by clicking on its name.track_landing_page_Facebook_Pixel_2.png


3. Click on the Track your conversions tab on the left side of your landing page menu.track_landing_page_Facebook_Pixel_3.png


4. Scroll down and toggle the Track with Facebook Pixel option to Yes to track your conversions in Facebook Pixel. Then, enter your Facebook Pixel Code in the appropriate field.track_landing_page_Facebook_Pixel_4.png

Note: You need to have Facebook Pixel Code configured on your site in order to use this feature.


5. Click on Next or Save & exit in order to apply the changes made.track_landing_page_Facebook_Pixel_5.png