Create an A/B split test campaign

A/B Split Campaigns provide you with the ability to check out the impact of one particular change in your subscribers, how they like it, how they respond to it. 

With our platform's A/B split Campaign, you will be improving your campaigns, testing different versions of your designs and getting to know what your subscribers prefer, what they go for and what gets the results you want.

The process is simple, just follow the steps below:

A. Locating the A/B Split Campaign

1. On your Dashboard page, hover over the Plus button and then click on the New campaign option.Create_an_AB_split_test_campaign.1.png


2. Choose the A/B testing option by clicking on the Create button below it.create_AB_split_campaign_2.png


3. Choose upon which characteristic of the campaign you will be basing your test.create_AB_split_campaign_3.png

You have the following options to choose from:

  • Create different versions of the Subject Line
  • Create different versions of the Content
  • Create different versions of the "From" name

Keep in mind that from a statistical point of view there is no reason to check two characteristics at the same time since you won't be able to know which is the one that had the best result. That's why our platform gives you the option to make an A/B Split Campaign based on one characteristic at a time. 

Let's check each option in more detail.


B. The different A/B Split Campaign characteristics

a) Different Subject Lines

Deciding the proper title for your campaign means you will be getting a better open rate. By setting a Subject A and a Subject B for your campaign, testing the two on a percentage of your list, and then automatically sending the final campaign with the subject line that performs better to the rest of your recipients, you make sure that you increase your numbers every time.create_AB_split_campaign_4.png


b) Different Content

Τhe second option allows you to check two different HTML files, which could have different messages, different text, different images etc. You could also choose the Plain Text option, but we highly recommend that, unless you have good reason tο opt for plain text, you should prefer the HTML option. By using the HTML format you can get accurate reporting out of your campaign which is not an option when using plain text.

As with any campaign, you'll have to set an easily identifiable Campaign name for your own usage, a Subject line and a "From" name. The two content versions will be added on a later step: when you reach the point of having to define the HTML Content A and Content B you'll be prompted to import two different HTML files, either from a web location or directly from your computer.

Depending on how well the two versions perform on a test group, the rest of your recipients will be receiving the best HTML content, which is the one the test group interacted with the most.create_AB_split_campaign_5.png


c) Different "From" names

In this section, you have to select between using a person's name as the "From" name and making your campaign look more friendly, or opting for your company's name to make it sound more professional. With this option, you let your recipients decide which one they prefer.create_AB_split_campaign_6.png



C. Creating the campaign

Once you have chosen which available A/B Split characteristic you want to test, you can then proceed with the standard campaign steps.

1. Click on the Next button.create_AB_split_campaign_8.png


2. Select the email lists which you want to use as targets for the campaign by ticking on the check-boxes on their left.create_AB_split_campaign_9.png

You can choose more than one list, out of the email lists you have already created. You can also select any previously created segments of a list instead of an entire email list, or any combination between different lists and segments.


Note that only the Active members of the selected email list(s) will receive your campaign. Any Bounced, Archived or Unsubscribed members will be ignored and won't receive your campaign.


3. If you would like to use a segment, open your segments by tapping on the corresponding number below the Segments column and then choose your segment by clicking on the check-box next to its' name.create_AB_split_campaign_10.png

This would also be a good time to create a new segment if you haven't made one but would like to use one on this occasion.


4. Click on the Next Button.create_AB_split_campaign_11.png


5. Create your template by toggling the corresponding link to Active.create_AB_split_campaign_12.png

You can either Import your campaign using an HTML file or link to your campaign content using a URL. Both options are available on the Import Campaign Template tab. Alternatively, you can create customized results by using our platform's Campaign Editor.


6. Click on the Start designing tab, if you prefer to use our Editor.create_AB_split_campaign_13.png

It is important to remember that if your A/B Split Campaign Campaign is based around two different versions of content, you will then have to define the content for the test twice, once for each version.

7. Click the Next button, to define the winning version of the A/B Split Campaign.create_AB_split_campaign_14.png


D. Setting up the A/B Split Campaign parameters

You will now have to define which part of your email list will act as a test group and which one as a winner group. The test group will receive the different campaign versions and based on how they react, the winning version will be defined and sent to the rest of the email list, which is called the winner group.

1. Click and drag the white bar, to set the number of subscribers in the test group.create_AB_split_campaign_15.png

The white segment of the bar represents the number of people who will be receiving the winning version of your campaign. Which subscribers fall in which group is completely random and even if you did the same test twice, the people in each group would never be exactly the same.

2. Choose the criteria by which the winning version is decided.create_AB_split_campaign_16.png

You have two options:

3. Click and drag the white bar, to set the duration of the test before a winning version is decided.create_AB_split_campaign_17.png

The maximum duration for the test is 24 hours, whereas the minimum is 1 hour.

4. Click on the Next button when you're ready to proceed.create_AB_split_campaign_18.png


E. Dispatching the campaign

The rest of the procedure is similar to any other campaign creation procedure you followed in order to send out a campaign. All that remains to be done is that you set the parameters so that your campaign is dispatched appropriately.


1. Choose the I want to send this campaign now option if you want your campaign to be dispatched right away.create_AB_split_campaign_19.png

Your campaign will be placed on our delivery queue and will be sent out right away.

2. Choose the I want to schedule this campaign to be sent out at a specific time option if you prefer to have your campaign be sent out on a date and time that you specify.create_AB_split_campaign_20.png


3. Set up the appropriate fields with the required information.create_AB_split_campaign_21.png

You'll need to specify the following:

  • The date and time of delivery
  • Your time zone

Be extra mindful of the relation between your time zone, as you have set it on your Account Settings and the time of delivery of your campaign. Here is a simple example: if you have chosen to send your campaign at 16:00 and you have set your timezone as GMT+1, then your campaign will be sent out at 17:00.


4. Toggle the Resend campaign to non-openers switch to On if you want to schedule and send your campaign again to the subscribers who did not open it. 


5. Set up the appropriate fields with the required information.create_AB_split_campaign_23.png

You'll need to specify the following:

  • The time that should elapse after the original campaign is delivered.
  • The subject line of your resent campaign. You can leave this field empty if you do not wish to change the subject.
  • The "from" name of your resent campaign.

6. Click on the Next button when you're ready.create_AB_split_campaign_24.png

The Preview is the last step of the process and serves as an area where you can see all the settings of your A/B Split Campaign before dispatching it. As soon as you are ready, click the Send button and your campaign will be sent to your subscribers. 


Congratulations on completing your first A/B split test campaign creation. Allow yourself a few minutes to celebrate before learning how to find your AB testing campaign reports.