Import recipients from a file

If you have a large number of opt-in members that you want to add to your email list on our platform, the best course of action is to upload a .csv .txt .xls or .xlsx file which contains your member list. The size of your file cannot exceed 40 MB but that's the only limit you will face during the import process.

You can find the various import options by selecting the Import Members into List option on the Perform bulk actions tab. Just follow the steps described below:


1. On your Moosend page, hover your mouse over the Audience tab on the top navigation bar and select

Email lists.



2. Click on the name of the email list to which you want to add more members.import_members_from_file_2.png


3. On the vertical menu on the left, tap on the Perform bulk actions button.import_members_from_file_3.png


4. On the menu that appears, select the option Import Members into List.import_members_from_file_4.png


Once inside the corresponding pop-up window that appears, you can select the import method of your liking. Click on the gray dot to navigate between the different pages.import_members_from_file_5_new.png




You can use any of the methods available based on what works best for your needs:

Read more about each method by clicking on its corresponding link.