Use a Browse abandonment block

Browse abandonment blocks are used in order to give your email marketing campaign recipients a slight push towards purchasing products they were previously browsing. Thus, users will receive an email displaying the products that they had previously viewed.

You can always
 send out Cart Abandonment automations, but it is preferable not to limit your actions and add persuasion inside your other campaigns, by adding some dynamic content that will reflect your customers' activity on your website.

Creating a repeatable container, such as the Browse abandonment block, is very easy but in order for it to work properly, it requires you to have connected your website to your account. As soon as that is done, you can start setting up your Browse abandonment block:


A. Setting up a Browse abandonment block
The Browse abandonment block has a unique set of setting options that you need to define.

1. Select the structure that you prefer for your newsletter design and place it in the white area with a drag & drop.use_browse_abandonment_block_6.png


2. Hover your mouse over the container and then tap on the Settings icon on the vertical bar that appears.use_browse_abandonment_block_7.png


3. Scroll down to the Container Type area and then, select Browse Abandonment on the drop-down menu below it.use_browse_abandonment_block_new_8.png


4. Choose a website from the Select website drop-down list.use_browse_abandonment_block_new_1.pngThe websites you have connected to our platform will appear on this list. Choosing one will connect the Cart abandonment block with the events on that particular website. 

5. Select the Number of products to be displayed by adjusting the parameter.use_browse_abandonment_block_new_2.png

You can use the up/down arrows, or type the value in the available field. The rest of the available settings work exactly like the typical container settings and depend on the type of container you used for your Browse abandonment block.

B. Editing a Browse abandonment block
A Browse abandonment block is automatically filled with dynamic elements.use_browse_abandonment_block_3.png

As soon you transform a container into a Browse abandonment block the following dynamic elements will appear inside it:

  • product image
  • product title
  • product price
  • product code
  • product manufacturer
  • product category
  • product URL

The content of each of these will change based on the current information on the website you connect to the particular repeatable container, via the Select product website menu, and can be discerned by each #pr
oduct:tag# tag that they contain.

You can freely add to or remove elements as you see fit.use_browse_abandonment_block_4.png

You can also edit the elements and their settings.

Elements that are placed inside a dynamic content container, have an additional field in their settings called the Repeatable Element Tag.use_browse_abandonment_block_5.png

This represents the information they will be pulling out of your website to showcase inside the Browse abandonment block. This information is predefined for each element that already existed when the dynamic content container is created but must be defined by you for any new elements that you add.

Please note that you cannot have more than one dynamic content block in your campaign. Also, don't forget to check out the other available repeatable container types, such as the Product Recommendation block and the Cart Abandonment block.