Send a campaign to multiple Email Lists

Our platform gives you maximum flexibility when using your email lists so that you work as you prefer and be as creative as possible. For example, you have the option of selecting more than one list, or parts of your list, when you send out your newsletters.

When you are creating a new email marketing campaign you will be asked to select the email lists that you want to address:


1. After selecting the type of your Campaign and creating the content, on the second step of the Campaign Creation process you can choose which email lists you want to target by clicking on the Choose Email List button.send_campaign_to_mutiple_email_lists_1.png


2. Check the corresponding check-boxes to add one or more email lists.send_campaign_to_mutiple_email_lists_2.png

You can also select any previously created segments of a list instead of an entire list, or any combination between different lists and segments.


3. If you prefer to send your newsletter to a segment of an email list, open your segments by tapping on the corresponding number below the Segments column and then choose your segment by clicking on the check-box next to its' name.send_campaign_to_mutiple_email_lists_3.png


4. When you're done, click on the Next button to proceed to the next step of the Campaign Creation process.send_campaign_to_mutiple_email_lists_4.png