Will a subscriber in multiple lists receive your newsletter multiple times

With our platform, you are able to send the same campaign to multiple email lists simultaneously.will_subscriber_receive_campaign_multiple_times_1.png


Please note that in case you have a subscriber who belongs to more than one of the email lists chosen as targets for your campaign, we automatically check your lists for duplicate emails to make sure that each subscriber gets your campaign just once. 

Right below we provide you with a real-life example of the outcome you will get if you send out a campaign to multiple lists:


On the last step of your campaign creation, you can see a preview of the complete procedure, which contains a summary of all the data of the campaign you just created. The preview is there as an overview of the campaign you are about to send out.will_subscriber_receive_campaign_multiple_times_2.png


Our example has three email lists (namely mailing list 1mailing list 2, and mailing list 3), all of which contain the same subscriber.

Before a campaign is sent out to these lists, in the Email list(s) part of the Preview step, you can clearly see the notification saying that our platform will deliver the campaign just once to the various recipients contained in the different email lists.will_subscriber_receive_campaign_multiple_times_new_3.png