Add a website

Moosend lets you do website tracking to record the actions your users perform on your website, and connect those actions with personalized campaigns. However, before you can install website tracking, you must first add your website and ensure that there is a verified connection between your website and our platform. 

To add a website:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Account_icon.png and click Websites.

  2. Click Add website
  3. In the Website domain field, enter your domain and then click Submit.NEWconnectwebsite.png
    Note: The website domain name you enter is only used to view instructions for installing and configuring the relevant tracking script.
  4. Note your website id displayed on this page. You will use this ID when you are installing website tracking.
  5. To connect your website and install website tracking, use one of these installation methods:
  6. To check that your website is connected and verified in our platform, go back to the Websites page. A verified status means that there is a connection between your domain and our platform's tracking capabilities.
    Note:  When your website has been verified, and the first user is identified, a new email list is created automatically in the platform, containing all upcoming identified subscribers of the website you have successfully connected.