Using automation workflows

Moosend lets you create automation workflows to send emails that are triggered by a specific condition, event, or activity that you have defined. You can automate your communication with customers by identifying specific situations that trigger the sending of an email message. 

You can, for example, use automation to:

  • Inform, reward, and engage your subscribers 
  • Remind customers of the items they've abandoned in their cart
  • Encourage customers to complete their purchases
  • Recommend product with a personal touch
  • Customize order notifications
  • Follow up on purchases

Our platform's automation workflows are a series of automated events based on specific triggers. For example, a trigger when someone subscribes to your email marketing list, or when someone purchases a particular product from your website.

To create an automation workflow, you must set your trigger and the steps that follow and then activate the automation. You have a variety of triggers to choose from, from your own custom fields, to a subscriber's birthday or campaign open, or events that take place on your website, like visits or product purchases. 

You can create automation workflows from scratch or you can use available automation recipes in our platform. But you must connect your account in our platform to your site to allow us to identify your customers when they visit it or perform actions.