The reporting you can get from your automation

Getting the right feedback from your campaigns on our platform is always a big priority for us. We introduced real-time campaign results with that exact concept in mind, and we are also making sure that you get all the numbers you need, including every detailed communication between you and your email list, regardless of whether it was automated or not.

It is always important to know how your newsletter campaigns are faring, whether it was one of those you dispatched yourself or one triggered by your carefully devised automation workflow.

To see the reports coming from your own automation just follow the steps below:


1. On your Dashboard, hover your mouse over the Automation tab.reporting_from_automations_1.png

You can now see a list of all your Automation workflows.


2. On the right of your workflow's name, check the various statistics generated from it. If you want to view all the statistics available, click on Expand tasks below each automation.reporting_from_automations_2.png




 The available statistics are:

  • Triggered
  • Actions
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Status
  • Subject Line
  • Sent
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribes

3. Click on the round button, located on the right side of the available statistics.reporting_from_automations_4.png

You will be directed to the Campaign Preview page, where you can get a full report of all the relevant information around this particular automated campaign.