Add a GDPR checkbox to your Form inside the Form Designer

After you have created your subscription form and completed its basic setup, you may wish to add a GDPR checkbox to it. Adding a GDPR checkbox means that users will not be able to subscribe to your form, unless they check the appropriate box. Our platform's Form Designer includes an easy way of adding a GDPR checkbox to your form if you so desire.


Let's see how it's done:

1. Hover your mouse over your form and click on the Settings icon which appears, to open your form's settings on the left side of your Form Designer page.add_a_gdpr_checkbox_to_form_1.png


2. Scroll down the form settings and click on GDPR checkbox to expand its menu.add_a_gdpr_checkbox_to_form_2.png


3. Check the box next to the Add a checkbox for GDPR  option which appears.add_a_gdpr_checkbox_to_form_new_3.png


4. Should you wish to edit the message that appears, simply type directly into the appropriate field.add_a_gdpr_checkbox_to_form_4.png


5. To remove the default link, click any part of the message field and then click on the Unlink button which appears above it.add_a_gdpr_checkbox_to_form_5.png


6. To add a new link, click on any part of the message field and click on the Link icon which appears above it.add_a_gdpr_checkbox_to_form_6.png


In the pop-up window which appears, select your Link Type from the drop-down menu, add your link to the appropriate field and click OK to finish.add_a_gdpr_checkbox_to_form_7.png