Set up a trigger in an automation workflow

Setting the appropriate trigger is just the first step creating a custom automation workflow. To find which trigger, or triggers, you need for your automation, you must identify what event sets your automation in motion. Typical examples of triggers are actions like a recipient of one of the campaigns opening the newsletter they received, or someone visiting a specific page on your website.

To set up a trigger in an automation workflow:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Automation tab.Snag_104fdf7.png
  2. On the Automations page, hover your mouse over New, and click Custom animation.Snag_11626b9.png
  3. On the Automations page, click Select your trigger. The Select a Trigger window appears.Snag_11b7e38.png
  4. In the Select a Trigger dialog, navigate the window and select a trigger.Snag_1314896.png
    You can click the tabs on the left to view triggers in corresponding categories:
  5. Click the arrow beside your selected trigger. A new dialog appears.
  6. In the Trigger only once? drop-down list, select the Yes - Trigger only on the first subscription option. This is the best option because you want to welcome your new subscribers the first time they subscribe to one of your lists.Snag_11e2de6.png
  7. Note: The available triggers which have to do with specific products from your website would require you to provide the Product Code for the product action that triggers your automation.
  8. Click Save.