Use the Conditional visibility setting to show different campaign content to recipients that meet specific conditions

When sending out a beautifully crafted newsletter, you might ultimately wish to personalize the content for each recipient, in order to maximize effectiveness. Our platform's powerful Campaign Editor allows you this flexibility. By simply using the Conditional visibility setting in conjunction with specific custom field values, you can ensure that each of your recipients receives the specific content you want them to receive.

For example, let's assume that you are working on a newsletter containing, among other things, a special offer for a weekend in the mountains, which you only wish to display to certain recipients. You can choose to show the structure containing the offer to a specific subset of your email list only.

Let's see how that's done:

1. Click on the Settings icon, located on the right side of the structure you wish to work on when you hover your mouse over it.use_conditional_visibility_setting_1.png


2. Scroll down to the Conditional visibility option, then click on the + sign located to its left to expand the menu.use_conditional_visibility_setting_2.png


3. In the Custom Field menu, use the drop-down list to select the custom field you wish to use as a condition, out of a list of your existing custom fields. The available custom fields will vary depending on the email list you have previously selected on the Select email list step of your campaign wizard.use_conditional_visibility_setting_3.png

For the purposes of this example, the custom field selected is "City".


4. In the Comparer menu, select the appropriate comparer for your custom field, out of a drop-down list.use_conditional_visibility_setting_4.png

For the purposes of this example, the comparer selected was "is".

5. In the Value field, type in your chosen value for your Custom Field, then press Enter.use_conditional_visibility_setting_5.png

In the example outlined above, we specified the custom field "City" and required that the city be "Rome". Therefore, only subscribers who have the value "Rome" in their "City" custom field, will be able to view the special offer for a snowy weekend in the mountains. For all other subscribers, the entire structure containing the offer will be hidden.

Please note that subscribers must have the appropriate custom field value filled out, in order for the Conditional visibility setting to be applied to them.