Upgrade your Monthly Plan

As your business grows, it is only natural that the number of your subscribers will grow too. If you are either on a Subscription Plan or on a Credit Planyou can upgrade your plan through your account in our platform at any time.

If you upgrade your Monthly plan while you are in the middle of your current billing circle, you will have access to the higher subscribers limit immediately. You will see a prorated charge on your monthly bill.

If you upgrade from a Credit Plan to a Monthly plan, the monthly billing process starts immediately. In case you have remaining credits, they will still be available on your account for future use. You can always see the available credits on your account inside the Overview page, when you click on the Billing option on the Account menu.

To upgrade your Monthly plan, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Account icon located at the top right of your account page and then, tap on the Billing option on the drop-down menu that appears.upgrade_monthly_plan_1.png


2. Click on the Change plan button.upgrade_monthly_plan_2_new.png


3. Select the best Plan for your needs.upgrade_monthly_plan_3-new.png


4. Click on the Purchase button if you want to switch to the Pro Plan or the Request a quote button if you need to select an Enterprise Plan which can be customized according to your business needs. By tapping on the second option you will get transferred to a Custom Plan form through which you will get in touch with our Sales department.upgrade_monthly_plan_4-new.png


5. If you have already added a payment method, you can select your preferred payment method or you can add a new one.upgrade_monthly_plan_5.png


  • The amount on the right will show you the prorated charge for the remaining billing cycle. Keep in mind that you can click on the (?) icon to see more details for your payment, such as the amount of VAT/ Tax.
  • The amount on the left will show you the Monthly price of your upgraded plan, which will start after your current billing circle.  Keep in mind that you can click on the (?) icon to see more details for your payment, such as the amount of VAT/ Tax. 


6. Select your preferred payment method and then click on the checkout button to complete your purchase with this card.upgrade_monthly_plan_6.png

An invoice with your billing information will be in your inbox shortly.