Will you be charged for sending out emails that bounce back

Ideally your email marketing campaigns shouldn't face any bounces, especially if you have made sure that you sent your newsletter to email lists which you have kept up-to-date. It is not just the charge which might be important but your campaign reputation as well.

There are quite a few things to consider when it comes to email bounces, but here we will focus on the possibility of getting charged even though some of the emails you included on your email list seem to have bounced back the campaign. 

Let's see what applies to each plan available in our platform:

Monthly Plan

If you are currently registered for a Monthly Plan, then there is absolutely no reason for you to worry about bounced back emails, other than your account's reputation. In essence you're not getting charged for any emails sent that bounce back as you have the option to send out an unlimited number of campaigns during each month.


As is typical for Pay as you Go plans, sending out an email marketing campaign to your email list means you get charged one credit per recipient in your email list. This is no exception.

Having said that, the emails that bounce back will automatically be removed from your email list and set aside in the Bounced category, so that the second time you dispatch a campaign to this list, you will only get charged for your truly active recipients.